BRN Traffic and Walking surveys

2021 Brunswick Walking Survey: Answers to open-ended questions (all responses)

Q.5 Where do you walk to? (Scroll down to see “other”)

Q.6 Why do you walk? (Scroll down to see “other”)

Q.7 I would walk more often if . . . (Scroll down to see “other”)

Q.12. What is one thing in particular you would like Moreland Council to do to make walking safer or more enjoyable? (Open-ended question)

Q13 Are there places you avoid while walking in Brunswick? (Open-ended question)

Q.14 Please list priority pedestrian “hot spots” in Brunswick that need action. Include exact location, what makes them dangerous, and how they can be fixed. (Open-ended question)

  • Q.14 Fifty six hotspots reported by three or more respondents, sorted in order of frequency

Q.15 Is walking in Brunswick different  for you now, compared to before COVID-19? (Open-ended question)

2021 Brunswick Walking Survey: paper survey forms

2014 Traffic Survey Report: Time for Action

From December 2013 to January 2014 we carried out our second traffic survey, completed by over 400 households in the Victoria to Albert streets precinct, in Brunswick and East Brunswick. This surveyed  residents’ views and priorities on options for traffic management.

Read  Time for Action – our report and analysis of our 2014 survey results .

2011 Traffic Survey Report

In April 2011 we conducted our first residents traffic survey completed by over 200 households in the Victoria to Albert streets precinct, in Brunswick and East Brunswick. Residents shared concerns on issues including traffic speed, traffic volume, and trucks using residential roads.

Following this, August and September 2012 Council ordered traffic surveys at over 20 points in central Brunswick. The findings showed that residents were correct in saying that large amounts of traffic was going through residential streets, and that speeds (for narrow residential roads) were often high.

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