Increasing amounts of motor vehicle traffic in residential streets is a major concern of residents. Moreland Council policies prioritise public transport, walking and cycling, but in reality not enough has been done to control increasing traffic. New multi-storey developments will make this problem worse.

August 2018

We’ve just written a detailed response to Moreland Council’s new Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS).

Older history

In April 2011 we conducted a residents traffic survey completed by over 200 households in the Victoria to Albert streets precinct, in Brunswick and East Brunswick. Residents shared concerns on issues including traffic speed, traffic volume, and trucks using residential roads.

In August and September 2012 Council ordered traffic surveys at over 20 points in central Brunswick. The findings showed that residents were correct in saying that large amounts of traffic was going through residential streets, and that speeds (for narrow residential roads) were often high.

From December 2013 to January 2014 we carried out a second survey this time completed by over 400 households in the Victoria to Albert streets precinct, in Brunswick and East Brunswick. This surveyed  residents approved and priority options for traffic management.

Read  Time for Action – our report and analysis of our 2014 survey results .

Email albertstreet2020(at) to receive extra emails with news of the meetings and activities of Brunswick residents traffic working group, (or if you want a better quality copy of our recent report for printing, or more details on its findings)


    1. Thanks for your contribution. So do you mean two hours maximum for everyone, no special deal for residents?

  1. Jeremy K · · Reply

    Hi all, I’m one of a number of Pascoe Vale South residents, who, in response to increasing congestion on street parking are calling for the installation of parking restrictions. I realise this is a Brunswick forum but hopefully you are also concerned for your fellow Morelander. So if you have the time please read and sign this petition:


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