Resources and reports on planning issues, by date order with recent reports first

Moreland Design Scorecard

The Design Scorecard offers fast tracking of planning applications for developments that meet criteria of excellence set by staff, that go beyond standard requirements.

BRN concerns include:

  • that objectors will struggle to have their issues considered;
  • how VCAT’s expanded authorisation over development projects could be an unintended consequence; 
  • the bypassing of our democratically elected Councillors
  • and Moreland’s failure to tighten provisions such as neighborhood character and landscape objectives (whilst distracted with incentivising schemes) 

Amendment C190 – two dwellings on a lot

This amendment is for people planning to replace one dwelling with two units or townhouses. This is the most common form of planning application in the northern wards of Moreland where blocks are generally bigger than in Brunswick. BRN concerns outlined in this submission include the removal of residents rights to notification and objection.

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