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Community Submission on Moreland Level Crossing Removals, June 2019

This submission – Moreland Level Crossings Removal Community Action Group – Vision for the Upfield Corridor – is a detailed presentation of community views on how the level crossing removals should be managed and implemented. This includes accessibility to stations, footpath and cycle path upgrades, open space and heritage considerations.

Moreland at War:

Local resident and well-known historian Professor Stuart McIntyre AO gave this presentation on “Moreland at War: a community divided” at Brunswick Library on 23 April 2015.

Submission for the preservation of Pentridge:

Professor Michael Hamel-Green’s Submission to Heritage Victoria, arguing against the approval of a proposed 19-storey building which would destroy and overshadow historic buildings.

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  1. Peter Hansen · · Reply

    Just received our Rates Notice. Low and behold, it’s gone up some $400. Council offers no addition services, the streets are filthy, there is over development everywhere with hundreds more dwelling which should reduce rates. Wtf?! I don’t mind the rate rise or even the apartments if I can get clean streets and improved parks and infrastructure but that doesn’t seem to be happening. These Councillors need to be shown the door in November!

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