Level Crossing Removals

This page has records and resources for the Brunswick Level Crossing Removals

Brunswick Residents Network March 2023 submission to Merri-bek Council

Response to Council’s Issues and Opportunities paper

Merri-bek City Council has issued an initial “Brunswick Elevated Rail Issues and Opportunities Discussion Paper”, seeking comment from local residents, renters and businesses. This detailed BRN submission is based on seminars and community discussions since the announcement of the removal of eight level crossings across Brunswick by the Level Crossing Removal Program (LXRP).

While the Council discussion paper raises a number of key concerns, it also avoids a number of fundamental issues about the project such as likely impacts from opening up expanded east-west routes for cars across Brunswick; and implementation of the “road hierarchy” prioritising active and public transport.

Community meetings

Lessons from Coburg

  • A resident’s notes: Coburg resident Denise Whimpey shared these informative and practical thoughts about living next to the railway line in Coburg. (She asks us to note that this is a personal view and does not fully represent all the hard work by individuals and various organisations to get good outcomes)
  • A Vision for the Upfield Corridor, Moreland Level Crossings Removal Community Action Group manifesto, 2019

Archive: Flyers for Merri-bek Council Public Meeting, 2 March 2023

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