Welcome to the Brunswick Residents Network, an informal network of people living in Brunswick (Australia) who are concerned about issues such as oversized building projects and crazy traffic. We hold meetings, circulate information and try to get the Moreland Council and the Victorian Government to make our city a better place for the people who live there.


  1. Louise Honman · · Reply

    This is a terrific way to reach people in Brunswick and to share information about urban planning. whilst there are certainly problems to solve in Brunswick, it is also a great place to be. I would love to see the group contributing in a positive manner to how Brunswick could be an even better place. I am planning to look closely at the Moreland Medium Density Housing Code over summer and to make a submission – there has been a lot of work done on this document, and much of it is good. But there is something that is not there – and I need to try and put my finger on what that is. I’ll let you know how I go.

  2. Good morning.
    Kindly note attached a draft statement of a new community alliance concerning transport in Melbourne.
    The group is called VITAL, for Victorian Integrated Transport ALliance (VITAL)

    We are a coalition of existing Victorian organisations seeking urgent, statewide investment in public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure, including existing roads in poor repair used by buses.
    We know this won’t happen if almost the entire state transport budget is spent on the proposed Melbourne East-West toll road, and we oppose its construction.

    We are working together to persuade all Victorian politicians and opinion leaders to publicly support upgrades and extensions to public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure across the state, and publicly oppose the construction of all or part of an East-West motorway.

    Should you wish to learn more about our group, with a view to perhaps joining it, please contact Freda on the address below.


    With thanks,
    Tom Keel

    Fitzroy Residents’ Association. (FRA.)

  3. Hello

    I’m seeking advice regarding a notice for planning permit for a 5 story 43 apt block which will back right next to the rear of our property. I will lodge an objection to council, but are there other steps I can take, people/ professionals I can contact to get advice and support? I fear that even if the build is modified by council VCAT will overturn it.

    1. Talk to your local councillors. Their contacts are on the Council website. If you are in Brunswick they are Lambris Tapinos, Sam Ratnam and Meghan Hopper. Find out if it is within the local planning rules or not, which depends where you are. Get neighbours together to object. The amount of opposition is now considered by VCAT but a group is always a good idea any way, you may find people with useful expertise not to mention VCAT fees! That’s just a few ideas.

  4. Thank you, yes organising group. Will talk to councillors

  5. Peter Hansen · · Reply

    Bit of the usual development not giving anything back to the community. The ‘Bergen Residence’ development on the corner of Albert St and Lygon St, Brunswick East has failed to replace street trees along Lygon St. Just replacement asphalt. Can send photos

    1. Sorry should have seen this months ago. Can you notify Alex the Council tree guy? AEnglish@moreland.vic.gov.au?

  6. Barbara · · Reply

    Please include me in notifications of meetings etc
    Am trying to save Gronn Place

    1. Hi there, you can sign onto our email list here: http://eepurl.com/bv4vM9 – thanks!

      1. Barbara · ·

        Very concerned about land at Gronn Place on Albion street Brunswick West.
        For over thirty years the surrounds of 77 office of housing flats have nurtured trees ,two playgrounds,possums,five species of birds and visiting bats. Along with ample car parking and plenty of green communial space for low growth plants.
        Now state govt. Wants to put 288flats there only 90of which will be office of housing,the rest for private sale.
        The land,a community assett gone forever and our wildlife and air quality degraded,
        Can I attend your next meeting
        Concerned citizen
        Barbara Brunswick West tried to suscribe to your newsletter kept saying try again?

  7. Thanks, yes that is a bit worry. Our next meeting is on traffic and transport so a different topic. But keep your eyes out for future meetings. With regard to the sign-up – not sure what went wrong there but please write to albertstreet2020@gmail.com and ask us to add you, we can do it from this end

  8. Cathryn Hallpike · · Reply

    Hi Brunswick Residents Network , Would love to come & meet you all. Recently retired & fear will have to sell my flat & move because of a bad Body Corporate & developers . It has become so noisy & unkempt here in Glenlyon Road . Always picking up rubbish & cleaning the street . Who is our member for parliament here in Brunswick East ?

    1. Thanks Cathryn, keep your eye out for our next meeting. Our newly elected State member of Parliament is Tim Read (Greens) for Brunswick. Federal (for Wills which is a bigger area) is Peter Khalil, Labor. Council is in charge of rubbish and our local councillors details are at the bottom of the newsletter. You can get newsletters sent to you directly (we won’t spam you, average would be less than monthly!) http://eepurl.com/bv4vM9

  9. Barbara · · Reply

    please anyone with climate change sensibility go for a walk on the Gronn Estate on Albion Street Brunswick West.
    See there the incredible biodiversity that will all end up under concrete if state gov gets the plan to sell community land to a private developer under way.
    Just observe the massive three developments opposite The Gronn as you maybe stop for coffee at Lankan Tucker and sit outside and observe the skyline of big trees on the estate all providing air and temperature quality
    The injustice will be increased when you consider the land was given to brunswick council by Mr Charles Sinclair Horsefall Gronn,for the “poor people of brunswick”
    listen to the bird life it is a sanctuary for many species.
    what is proposed will add to the already concrete box development corridor that is being constructed.
    please help I asked the CEO of environmental justice for help he refused

    1. Thanks for this!

  10. erica plompen · · Reply

    Hi Y’all
    Want to know if there is any action going on to address the impact of dark kitchens being set up in what are essentially residential areas. Council is allowing them to be establshed in the Residential MUZ areas saying they are ‘takeaway’ so no permit for use is required. For our street, they have even allowed them to set up with ‘food trucks’ rather than as an established business/building. The impact to our thriving restaurant trade in Lygon and Nicholson Streets and Sydney Road is detrimental to what has helped establish Brunswick as a wonderful place to live and work.

    It would be great if the Brunswick Residents Group would take up this cause and put pressure on Council to consider the impact of these types of makeshift businesses on residents, businesses, restaurants and the community at large.

    Let me know if you want to know more.

    1. Maybe if you could write to us we could put this in our next newsletter to start discussion? You would need to explain the term “dark kitchen” and what streets you are talking about. Do you run a business that is affected? You can email us on brunswickresidentsnetwork@gmail.com.

  11. Hi Brunswick Residents Network.

    Did you know that Brunswick Markets on Sydney Road are being redeveloped? I am a Social Researcher with Hodyl & Co and we’re facilitating the community engagement for the new market space. We want to hear from people who live, work and play in Brunswick.

    If you love Brunswick and want a development that responds to the needs and wants of the local community, this is your chance to get involved!

    What kind of shops and services do you want included in the new market space? How could the public spaces best meet the community’s needs? How could the housing be designed to suit different types of residents, including families with children?

    The engagement period runs until Sunday 20th December. Complete the survey to enter the draw to win a $500 voucher to spend at A1 Bakery https://ninebuildings.com/project/brunswick-markets/overview/?fbclid=IwAR1Ma7NLktJhfmLHHkb4bCA_dlOkgcoNImmaEtoazuINeNuI_7n0ZWI0WyM

    Or, if you’d prefer to talk to us in person, you can sign up for an online workshop in December via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/hodyl-amp-co-and-nine-buildings-31936284995

    Taking part in this engagement is a way for residents and other members of the community to contribute to the creation of a community-centred development that respects the local Brunswick neighbourhood and provides all who live, work and visit with a long-lasting sense of place and belonging.

  12. Alicia Evans · · Reply

    Hi there

    Can we please receive the newsletter

    Alicia and Wayne Evans
    Brunswick residents

    1. Yes not a problem, you have also subscribed to the WordPress so you will see the clunky version there. Thanks, Nancy for BRN

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