MITS (10-year transport strategy) consultation open

Moreland transport strategy for the next 10 years is open for discussion, with Council voting this week to release the Draft Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy.  With key focus points being sustainability, liveability and health, at a glance there appears to be a positive  focus on prioritising walking, bike-riding and public transport.

The document states that implementation needs to be prioritised – acknowledging that this is where previous plans have fallen down.

Residents now have just five weeks to read and comment on the 200-page document and we urge all readers to do so!

Brunswick Residents Network has organised a briefing by the Council’s MITS Project Officer,  followed a week later by a working group meeting to discuss and go through the detail of the proposed strategy.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday 31 July, 6.30–8.00 PM
VENUE: St Ambrose Community Centre, 287 Sydney Road Brunswick
FORMAT: Moreland Council’s MITS Project Officer Alexander Sheko will give a presentation on the  MITS strategy, with time for questions and comments

One week later (2 August), same venue.

Please email with any queries, or to let us know you have some time to put into the working group (or tell us at the July meeting).

The documents

Council website
Council website has links to these documents and more (with an interactive map to explain the parking strategy); and a questionnaire to fill in as one way of giving feedback.

NOT on the Council website: action to further lower speed limits

Moreland Council voted to release the draft for discussion. HOWEVER a narrow majority of Councillors voted to remove two specific action points on further lowering of speed limits.

Specifically, the action points were to:

  • Progressively reduce speed limits to 30kph on local roads . . . starting in the south of Moreland
  • Advocate for the continued reduction of speed limits on arterial roads, especially near schools, hospitals (etc)

These points were circulated  in the Agenda for the July Council meeting and can be read here. Note that the strong evidence base for these actions has been edited out of the final draft.

In addition, the recommended action on speeds around schools becomes,  to reduce below existing limits, rather than below 30kph.

Councillors suggested that residents could submit to have the vanished action points returned into the final strategy.



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