Trees for Albert Street!

April update:

A residents network is supporting this council initiative.

You can email them via Brunswick Residents Network ( and join their e-list, to be notified of consultation meetings, here:

Original post:
Council Officer Alex English has called a meeting to discuss opportunities to plant trees in Albert Street between Sydney Road and Lygon Street. (Alex was our guest speaker at our 2017 Open Space meeting.)
Alex is hoping to discuss the following:

·       Street tree species preferences

·       Locations: in-road, footpath, and constraints

·       Opportunities for Council to supply trees in front gardens

·       Other ideas for improving shade and greening along Albert St

Details again: 
  • Community meeting with Alex English from Moreland Concil
  • 6pm Tuesday 6 February 2018,
  • Randazzo Park (in Albert Street, opposite Beith Street corner).
Consider bringing a rug or chair.


  1. Jane Trengove · · Reply

    More trees in this hot dry climate and environment will be so welcome!!!

  2. Arthur Pappas · · Reply

    We should not plant any of those plane trees that are currently in Lygon Street. They are a health hazard.

    1. Thanks, I think everyone is aware of that now but we can mention it at the meeting.

    2. I agree. The Lygon Street trees are ugly and provide no shade.

  3. Miranda Brown · · Reply

    can Victoria St please be included as well? It is very bare and unshaded between Lygon and Sydney Rds and just as much in need of some greenification

    1. Actually the residents there have already been working with Alex on planting more trees, there have been quite a lot planted in the last couple of years, and they have been watering the ones that are already planted to make sure they survive. Maybe we can put you in touch with some of the enthusiasts there?

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