Notes from East Brunswick Village consultation

Over 80 people crowded into the Brunswick Town Hall foyer on Tuesday, to discuss changes to the plans for the massive East Brunswick Village project, in a public consultation called by Moreland South Ward Councillors. (Councillors had booked a smaller room, expecting, they said, 15-20 people).

We’re sharing our notes to help with a record of the many concerns and questions raised. If we missed your comment, please add it below.




  1. Stephen.Troisi · · Reply

    Can’t access notes. I was in attendance and asked a ? in relation to the proposed population of the City of Moreland. I counterbalanced that with a commendation of the $200,000 proposed to be spent on the redevelopment of Fleming Park.

  2. Sorry, it’s working from here. Here is the full link.

    Click to access 2017-02-14_-ebv-consultation-notes.pdf

  3. Any upcoming meetings?

    1. About East Brunswick Village? Not that we have heard but maybe we should check for an update . . .

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