Traffic Survey closes soon

IF you live between Blyth Street and Glenlyon Road PLEASE take 10 minutes to do our latest traffic survey.  Tell us your concerns, and your ideas on best ways to manage traffic. This survey is a follow-up to our extensive survey conducted in early 2011. Our new report will pinpoint residents’ priorities for action, and inform the working party which Moreland Council has just agreed to set up. The exact target area is the Albert and Victoria streets area – in the square surrounded by (not including) Blyth, Glenlyon, Nicholson and Sydney.

Thanks to our local MP Jane Garrett for posting the reply-paid survey to residents in this area. If you are in the zone described above, please go to the surveymonkey website now, to complete the survey. It will close on Monday 13 January.

If you are one of the many people who has already completed the survey, thank you for your time and views. We will publicise the findings in early February.

  • Our traffic page has details of our 2011 survey and also some Brunswick traffic statistics.


  1. Hi, Can I do the survey if I live off Blyth St., between Blyth and Stewart St.? Thanks, Lin Braun

  2. Dear Lin, you are outside our target zone for this survey. A few people outside the zone have done the survey and made interesting comments, but for our report we will just analyse those in the target area for consistancy. We’re going to get together a traffic working group soon, so please email us, if you would like to be notified!

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