Planning submissions due Thursday


Residents have until Thursday this week (31 January 2013) to submit comments on proposed amendments to the Moreland Planning Scheme for Brunswick, which are now on public exhibition

Amendment C134 will introduce major changes to the local planning scheme. When enacted, it will bring the recommendations of the Brunswick Structure Plan (2010) and the Addendum to the Brunswick Structure Plan (2012) into the Moreland Planning Scheme on a permanent basis.

The changes to the Planning Scheme proposed by the amendment involve major re-zoning of land in the Brunswick activity centre (along Sydney, Lygon and Nicholson Streets), affecting land use and building design controls.

Read the Brunswick Residents Network submission to Council here:

We encourage you to make your own submission (however brief) to highlight concerns over issues like:

  • removal of residents’ rights to notification and review of planning proposals for buildings under the maximum preferred heights
  • impacts on residential properties adjoining the boundaries of the Brunswick Activity Centre
  • access to parks and open space,
  • protection of heritage, and expansion of community infrastructure and facilities
  • height controls and related issues.

If you want one map which presents an overview of the changes, have a look at the colour-coded map (June 2012) that sets out some of the key elements of the Brunswick Structure Plan.

More detailed maps for each local area within Brunswick can be viewed at the Brunswick Library or downloaded from the Council website.

If you have any queries after looking at the maps and plans, technical detail can be explained by Moreland Council planning staff – please contact Brunswick Place Manager Will Coogan on 92402221 (email: who can connect you to the relevant staff.

(If you ask nicely, you might even get an extension to lodge your submission.)

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