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Three January announcements:

  • We decided to meet monthly during 2013, so our first meeting is on Thursday 16 January. Coming events are now listed in our “Events” sidebar.
  • The meeting details are also on our new Facebook page. If you are a Facebook person, please “like” our page (below right), and promote it to your friends.
  • Moreland Planning Scheme: have your say by 31 January. Proposed amendments to the Moreland Planning Scheme for Brunswick are now on public exhibition. Please consider making a submission (however brief) to highlight concerns over issues like access to open space, residents’ rights to notification and review of planning proposals, protection of heritage, height controls and any other issues of concern.

“Amendment C134” will introduce major changes to the local planning scheme, bringing the recommendations of the Brunswick Structure Plan (2010) and the Addendum to the Brunswick Structure Plan (2012) permanently into the Moreland Planning Scheme. Changes include major re-zoning of land in the Brunswick activity centre (along Sydney, Lygon and Nicholson streets), affecting land use and building design controls.

For details of Amendment C134, maps that show how your street will be affected and information on how to make a submission to Council, go to:

Technical detail can be explained by Moreland Council planning staff. If you have any queries after looking at the maps and plans, contact Brunswick Place Manager Will Coogan on 9240 2221 ( who can connect you to the relevant staff.

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