Newsletter, 30 May 2012



Moreland Council’s June meeting will advance a process to introduce major changes to the Moreland planning scheme. After interim planning controls expired in May, council is moving towards a year-long process to bring in permanent controls that will affect height limits, traffic, open space and other elements of the way our neighbourhoods are organised.

In recent months, Council staff have been preparing permanent planning controls for the Brunswick Major Activity Centre, in order to implement the Brunswick Structure Plan.

At its monthly meeting on 13 June, Councillors will consider a report from Council staff and decide on the next step: to seek authorisation from Matthew Guy (State Minister for Planning), to prepare an amendment to the Planning Scheme which would legally entrench key elements of the Brunswick Structure Plan. Once authorisation is received from the minister, the proposed changes would be exhibited for public consultation.

We’ll circulate a link to the council staff report when it’s available just before the June Council meeting. An opportunity for community consultation will follow later this year (complicated by the caretaker period leading up to Council elections in October). Once permanent controls are introduced into the Moreland Planning Scheme they’ll be there for some time, so this year there’s a chance to influence plans for a liveable Brunswick.


Last chance to have a say about Moreland’s draft “Street Landscape Strategy” – submissions close this Friday, 1 June. This strategy provides guidance to Council on where and how it plants street trees and other landscape features throughout Moreland.


Hundreds of residents packed Brunswick Town Hall at the May Council meeting, calling on Moreland Council to overturn its Rights of Way Strategy, which could see nearly 50km of bluestone laneways replaced with concrete.

Attempts to overturn the policy were not successful, but the proposed implementation was delayed to allow further community consultation. Councillors agreed: That Council place on hold the Right of Way Policy of replacing bluestone in non-heritage laneways with concrete to allow a further round of consultation to occur on this issue including consultation with the Disability Advisory Committee.

With the exception of a laneway between Hanover and Sutherland Streets (currently being reconstructed with drains), all works on bluestone laneways outside of Heritage Overlays are on hold, pending the final review of this section of the policy. Details of the proposed consultation process will be advertised through the local Leader Newspaper.

Read more:

For more information, email:


There are some positive signs on traffic management in the suburb: Moreland Council wrote to VicRoads in February seeking changes to the speed limits for the Albert and Victoria Street corridor. After feedback from VicRoads, this has now been extended to residential streets in the area bounded by Nicolson Street, Sydney Road, Glenlyon Road and Blyth Street.

Earlier this month, Council staff submitted a plan and schedule to VicRoads, proposing that a 40kph speed limit area be implemented at all times within the boundary of Blyth Street, Nicholson Street, Glenlyon Road and Sydney Road. If VicRoads approves this plan, Council will be able to erect 40kph signs at the entry and exit of residential streets within this zone, and at other key points in the area. We’ll let you know if VicRoads says yes!

In our 2011 residents’ traffic survey, over 200 households replied, highlighting concerns over traffic volume and speed through residential streets (especially from large vehicles); increasing traffic related to new development projects in the neighbourhood; hazards for bicyclists and pedestrians; damage to parked cars, and problems with resident parking

Moreland Council is now working on an Integrated Traffic Strategy for Brunswick – involving studies on parking, traffic management (for cars, buses, trams and trains) and an overarching integrated transport strategy. For pedestrians and cyclists, it will be important to provide feedback to the traffic consultants preparing the strategy – Council will hold an initial consultative meeting (probably in August) with a further opportunity to comment on the draft strategy later in the year. Dates are yet to be finalised, but we’ll let you know as soon as they’re available.


If you live near Nicholson Street, south of Glenlyon Road, get ready for a major rezoning of your neighbourhood. Moreland Council has prepared an amendment to the planning scheme to allow the rezoning of the precinct on the western side of Nicholson Street.

Council has prepared Amendment C113 to the Moreland Planning Scheme, which applies to land bordered by Glenlyon Road to the north, Nicholson Street to the east, Balfe Park to the west, and Miller Street to the south.

There’s also a proposal for a six-story building at 85 Nicholson Street, the start of the developers’ rush that will transform the area alongside the East Brunswick Village project on the old Tontine site (a project that will involve an extra 10,000 vehicle movements a day into Nicholson, Glenlyon, John and Albert Streets).

Full details of the C113 rezoning proposal and documents available at:


Council’s draft budget for 2012-13 is available on the Council website

There will be a Special Council meeting to consider budget submissions on Tuesday 12 June 2012 and a Special Council meeting to adopt the budget on Monday 25 June 2012 (both meetings at 6 pm at the Council Chambers, Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street)


The Brunswick Residents Network is planning some public meetings later this year, to provide an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposed Brunswick Traffic Strategy and new planning controls for the suburb – details to follow for dates and venues.

In October, we’ll also be running a “meet the candidates” forum, to allow residents to meet and question people running for this year’s Council elections, which will be held on Saturday 27 October.

These elections are only held every four years, so it’s an important opportunity to find out who will represent you.

For information on voting and how to ensure you’re on the electoral roll,check here

If you’d like to be involved in network activities, email us at


Special Council meeting to consider budget submissions
Tuesday 12 June 2012 – 6 pm
Council Chambers, Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg

Full Council meeting, June
Wednesday 13 June 2012 – 7 pm
Council Chambers, Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg

Special Council meeting to adopt the budget
Monday 25 June 2012 – 6 pm
Council Chambers, Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg

Full Council meeting, July
Wednesday 11 July 2012 – 7 pm
Fawkner Senior Citizens Centre, Jukes Road, Fawkner


To contact organisers of the Brunswick Residents’ Network, offer to help with future activities or be added to our resident’s mailing list, please email

Please forward this e-letter to other Moreland residents and neighbours who’d like a say in the way their community is changing.

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