Brunswick traffic statistics


In addition to 2011 data published below, Brunswick Residents Network has requested and received other traffic count data over the years. Some recent data has been added here. We have more data from 2016, 2017 and 2014 on file, please email if you’d like us to post it here. Note, at the time we were seeking data for rat-running through local streets. Council will have more data.

Relevant to Bunnings/Glenlyon traffic issues:

Other 2018 data


Moreland Council – in response to concerns raised by our residents network, in particular our April 2011 survey on traffic concerns – measured traffic volumes, speeds and patterns of usage in 24 Brunswick streets in August and September 2011.

They have given us copies of the findings which are posted below.

The traffic counts show, as noted by residents, that local streets, for example Albert and David, take large volumes of traffic.  The “peak” hour varies with Saturday midday in several cases being the busiest hour. Speeding is an issue late at night – and around the clock in Blyth Street, where most cars travel over the 50km/h legal limit.

None of the traffic volumes are over the Council’s maximums – but often only because these maximums were increased in the current 5-year transport strategy. For smaller roads, many have substantial traffic – far more than just residents. Future developments will also rapidly increase traffic, with the Tontine (East Brunswick) development alone expected to have 10,000 traffic movements a day in and out of that area.

The data is in Excel format and may not be easy to read. After you click on a link below to access a file, some things to check out are:

  • Exact locations and dates are given on the first sheet of each file
  • The first sheet also has total volumes, and a summary of the main findings
  • The second and third sheets (click on tabs at bottom of page) present one direction only (eg north-bound traffic only)
  • The final sheet breaks down traffic volumes and speeds by the hour. Of interest here is the maximum speeds which are sometimes amazing.




Brickworks Drive – Brunswick, September 2011

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